How to Become an IOS Developer from Scratch?

The market of mobiles is flourishing and therefore the need of developers is at all-time high. They are required in more numbers to meet the ever increasing demand. Talking about the average salary of a developer, it can very easily extend to attractive six figures. There are several courses available online in the form of curriculum courses and tutorials for interested people. These courses comprise of all the necessary know-how to overcome the challenges introduced in the way to become a developer.

As far as Apple is considered, it is always engaged in bringing out new products and programming languages. We continuously witness new releases in the iOS mobile operating system. To specifically become an iOS developer, one must be well acquainted with the thorough knowledge of Xcode, Cocoa, Objective-C and UIKit in advance. This fundamental knowledge of iOS development is essential to become an expert iOS developer.


For empowering developers to build Mac and iOS apps, Apple has provided various tools. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to have an access to Mac App Store for downloading latest version of Xcode. To make sure that you are running these apps on your own device it is recommended for registering as an official iOS developer. This will enable you to publish your applications on the Mac App Store.

List of the tools that are provided by the Apple to assist developers comprises:


Mac and iOS developers use this Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Xcode, to build apps. This is a code editor used by most of the developers to develop apps. The main features of Xcode are:

  • Apart from being a code editor, it also provides great autocomplete support.
  • It offers static code analysis and finds bug in your code.
  • It has a variety of debugging and performance enhancing features.

Interface Builder:

You can visually build you interface using this application. It features in-built objects such as tab bars, buttons, labels and sliders. You can drag these objects onto your app’s interface effortlessly. After inserting the elements, you can easily configure the app by modifying the palettes and panels. This tool also allows you to connect targets and actions along with manipulating controllers and object bindings. This is incredibly good for beginners and they can further go on learning UIKit coding for better acquaintance with coding interfaces from scratch.


A developer cannot create applications that can run on Mac OS X or iOS without frameworks and APIs. Frameworks provided by Apple have decent set of commands and tools for building apps. You can create user interfaces, encrypt important information, write networking code, play audio/video and draw graphics and do many such functions with these frameworks.

These are some of the most important tools. You can find other creative tools on Mac App Store after getting Xcode.


When you have all the necessary tools required in developing iOS applications, understanding Objective-C and Cocoa or Cocoa Touch is very substantial.


This language is most widely applied by iOS developers for writing native applications. For all those who want to build native apps for iOS and Mac, learning this new programming language is a must. It has overcome Swift and is easier and simpler when compared to outdated Swift. This is an advanced programming language that is extensively prevalent at present.


‘Cocoa development’ and ‘Objective-C development’ both are related to building Mac and iOS apps. Cocoa is a set of all the frameworks build by Apple that is used by developers. Objective-C is the programming language used to write these Cocoa frameworks. The frameworks included in Cocoa are Foundation and Appkit. Base of all the classes for number manipulation, string, date objects and more are comprised in Foundation framework. Appkit on the other hand provides classes for menus, windows and controls for building interface for iOS apps.


After you are at ease with above tools and language, the next step is to initiate iOS development. There are various books and online tutorials available for easy understanding of the development procedure. You can comprehend all the fundamentals of iOS development using such mediums and begin building iOS apps the right way.

Commencing from small app projects you can expand your knowledge to build something big may be your passion project.