BigCommerce Launches $2 Million Developer Fund

BigCommerce integrates with over 100 of the most popular applications you already use, making it easy to update your orders and inventory, retrieve product details, automate your marketing and much, much more. Their $2,000,000 integration fund was setup to contribute towards development costs for companies interested in building integrations or useful web/mobile/desktop applications that make use of the BigCommerce API.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone who would like to build an integration or web/mobile/desktop application that makes use of the BigCommerce API.

Your integration or application should make it easier for BigCommerce clients to run their businesses and/or help them attract more visitors, orders or repeat purchases.

How Much Will You Receive?

Distribution of their integration fund is based on the complexity and usefulness of your application or integration. NOTE: Funding is limited at $20,000 funded per project

How Can You Apply?

Developers interested in receiving a portion of our $2,000,000 integration fund should complete their application form. Funds will be determined on a project-by-project basis, based on how much of a positive impact your application or integration will have on BigCommerce clients.

For more information, visit the BigCommerce web site.