PHP Obfuscator Roundup

This is a roundup of the available PHP Obfuscators both free and commercial. You will find a wide range in pricing (free to $600) and options available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

If you are unfamiliar with what an obfuscator is, here is Wikipedia's definition:

Obfuscated code is source or machine code that has been made difficult to understand. Programmers may deliberately obfuscate code to conceal its purpose (a form of security through obscurity), to deter reverse engineering, or as a puzzle or recreational challenge for readers. Programs known as obfuscators transform human-readable code into obfuscated code using various techniques.
If there are additional obfuscators not covered here, please post a comment or submit it.

Commercial PHP Obfuscators

With this encoder you can make your PHP scripts unreadable for other people but they will still work the same way on your server. This is handy when you want to give someone a PHP script but you don't want them to view the source code.
Platforms: Any
Free Trial: No
Price: $6.00

ionCube PHP Encoder
The ionCube PHP Encoder makes it easy to protect your PHP 4 & 5 source code and other files from easy observation, theft and change. With optional PHP licensing features built in as well, licensing PHP scripts to control where your code runs is easy too, and you can even give your files a time expiry!
Platforms: Linux, FreeBSD, OS X and Window
Free Trial: Yes
Price: Starting at $199

Nu-Coder converts the source code of PHP Script into compiled PHP bytecodes for both accelerated runtime performance and maximum security. Nu-Coder's License Manager provides the second layer of protection and gives you the flexibility to manage the distribution of your PHP applications.
Platforms: Windows
Free Trial: Yes
Price: $149.99

Replaces variables, functions, classes, members, constants names from PHP scripts with nonsense names and obscure strings, removes comments and white spaces without affecting functionality.
Platforms: Windows (requires .NET 2.0 Runtime)
Free Trial: Yes
Price: 99 Euro

phpSHIELD converts PHP source code into unreadable bytecode, providing php script protection.
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Free Trial: 7-Day Trial
Price: $75

SourceCop for PHP
SourceCop for PHP encrypts your PHP code using a special encryption method. This encryption makes it almost impossible for a human to understand. In addition, SourceCop can also restrict your code to run on a server with a specified IP address or expire on a specified date.
Platforms: Windows
Free Trial: Yes
Price: $49.99

Sourceguardian PHP Encoder
The SourceGuardian for PHP Encoder protects PHP scripts by compiling PHP source code into a bytecode format and this is followed by encryption. This protects your scripts from reverse engineering.
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Free Trial: Yes
Price: $199

Thicket Obfuscator for PHP
The PHP Obfuscator tool scrambles PHP source code to make it very difficult to understand or reverse-engineer (example). This provides significant protection for source code intellectual property that must be hosted on a website or shipped to a customer.
Platforms: ???
Free Trial: Yes
Price: $200.00

Zend Guard
As software vendors write more and more commercial applications in PHP it is critical that their intellectual property (all their hard work) is protected. With more applications providing evaluation copies and electronic downloads it is an even more complicated to insure that they are being distributed securely, whether free, for evaluation or for commercial sale. Zend Guard (formerly Zend Encoder) protects your applications from reverse engineering and unauthorized customization by providing encoding and obfuscation. It further protects from unlicensed use and redistribution by providing comprehensive licensing support. This combined functionality makes software distribution worry free.
Platforms: Mac, Windows, Linux x86
Free Trial: Yes
Price: $600.00

Free PHP Obfuscators

Code Eclipse
Code Eclipse is a PHP obfuscator. It turns normal, easy to read PHP code into gibberish, with little to no loss of speed and no loss of compatibility.
Platforms: Web Based
Price: Free

PHP Obfuscator
Our PHP obfuscator application encodes and obfuscates PHP code to make the output difficult to reverse engineer. The application requires no pre-modifications to your code and no additional components on your server. This product allows for encoding of functions, variables and the removal of whitespace.
Platforms: Windows
Price: Free

PHP Obfuscator
A basic PHP obfuscator written in C# for .NET 2.0.
Platforms: Windows (requires .NET 2.0)
Price: Free (Open Source)


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